All I want is you

I want summer.
I want love .
I want snow .
I want to party .
I want clothes .
I want hapiness .
I want friends .
All I wnat is you - U2


Into your arms

Yes, I do . I do love you . And I need to tell you something . Come closer, only you can hear this: I think you're incredibly beatifull . You're not just an ordinary boy, like the others . You're diferent . You're special . Yes, you are . And one more thing: the only thing I dream about, is you . You and me, just the two of us . I dream that your my prince, and I fall in your arms, just like a princess . That's my biggest dream . And guess what ? All I care about is you, just because I love you like you never been loved, or like I never loved someone, just because you're the special one .
But life is life, life isn't my dream ( right now, it isn't ) . In my life I suffer, instead I smile . Just because I can't understand what you want from me . But you never see it, because when I am crying because of you I smile when you're staring at me, and when I'm hurt, because of you to, I laugh, and when the things go wrong and think "that's all right, for the next time it will be okay ." but it never does . I think in a script to tell you about my feelings but when I'm near you all goes away running as fast as it can . And I blush, becuase I love you so fucking much .
And in the end of the day it turns funny . If you repair I am the girl who hides her broken heart with the biggest smile you've ever seen . I am the girl who has always been there for you . I am the girl that greets you with a high five or a big bear hug . And all you do is smilling to me, like a little boy shy who likes a girl but is embareced because he's afraid .
So understand something very clearly :
I am the girl .. who will love you forever .

Into my arms - The maine